We beat the drum for those who care about their hiring processes. We showcase their reputation to others and we thank them with rewards. Having an exceptional reputation at Circular will improve your personal branding and attract the best candidates to your processes.

At the right side of your profile –either as recruiter or hiring manager– you can see your reputation at Circular (other recruiter's reputation also!).

What are the elements of my reputation?

First, your contribution to the community

  • We value the number of referrals you’ve done and how much love you put in them -we count the number of users who believe your recommendation includes useful information about the candidate
  • How useful were those candidates to other recruiters and hiring managers, measured as the number of interviews and hirings you’ve generated.

Second, your activity at Circular

  • How seasoned are you using Circular? The number of opportunities, interviews and hirings you’ve done within the community.
  • Are your opportunities complete? Candidates believe your opportunities contains all the relevant information to decide whether to interview for the opportunity or not.
  • What do candidates say about your hiring process? Good reputed users have first-rate feedback from the candidates they interviewed. With this info, potential candidates know they can expect an outstanding hiring process with you.

What is a top contributor?

Top contributors have referred at least one candidate per opportunity posted (they're Contributors) and have 2 invitations accepted in the last 45 days.

Top contributors are the most important part of Circular, the engine and heart of the community. Outstanding recruiters and hiring managers that understand how important it is –for both recruiters/hiring managers and candidates– to refer talented people.

As a top contributor, you'll have early access to new candidates before all other companiesyou’ll receive new candidates 48h before the rest of the community– . This is how we thank you for helping others.

Also candidates see your Top Contributor badge when receiving an interview offer from you. This means you care about the people you interview and open a lot of doors for them.

Keen on giving a boost to your profile and start attracting the best candidates?👇🏼

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