Inviting candidates to Circular is a way of helping both them and other recruiters and hiring managers in the community. On one hand, candidates are provided access to a private community with the best job opportunities from startups. On the other hand, you are giving back to the Circular community of recruiters and hiring managers –that, in turn, feeds you with high-quality candidates too–.

There are only three requirements that the candidates you invite to the platform should meet:

  1. You think they are talented
  2. They are open to new opportunities
  3. They work in engineering, product, design, data or marketing

That’s why recruiters and hiring managers usually refer candidates they interviewed –and liked– but that weren’t the right fit for them. But you can invite also talented people coming from other sources. We’ll review both in this article: rejected candidates and other options.

Inviting rejected candidates also helps you hire others

Turning down a candidate is a natural part of the recruiting process but also the one that, done wrong, harms candidate experience the most. Even more, when candidates are good –and pass several stages of your recruitment process– being turned down is even more frustrating.

Thanks to Circular you can improve the rejection process for the candidates you interviewed and therefore, your Candidate Experience. By inviting them to Circular, the message turns from “You’re not a fit” to “We’re not a fit for you right now but I really liked your profile. I would love to invite you to Circular, a private hiring community where top startups are hiring”. Turn frustrated candidates into promoters of your company’s recruitment brand.

Other candidates you may invite to Circular

Candidates from all your interview processes are not the only ones you can invite to Circular. Recruiters y hiring managers in the community are inviting all sort of talented people, for instance:

  • Ex-coworkers open to hear new opportunities
  • People from your company looking for a change
  • Recommendations from colleagues you trust
  • Any other talented person working in engineering / product / design / data / marketing and open to hear new job opportunities

Do you have anyone in mind already? You can check here how the invitation process works (it’s extremely convenient and fast).

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