After you invite a candidate to Circular, adding a personal recommendation boosts their chances of getting top interview requests and shows you care about them.

Recommendations are always written in a positive tone because you wouldn't refer someone you don't like, would you? Here is how a typical recommendation looks like:

How do you know each other?
(information not shared with the candidate)

  • We encourage you to choose from a closed list of reasons: we were looking for someone with more experience, salary, etc.

Candidate's highlight
(information shared with the candidate)

  1. Start with some context: for what position where you interviewing the candidate? what were you specifically looking for?
  2. Tech skills: did she pass some code test? Maybe did a whiteboard UX exercise? Provide as many details as possible on the tech interviews they went through.
  3. Soft skills: is he persistent? Proactive maybe? Did she seem to be a good manager? Talks in fluid French?

Note: if you are inviting to Circular someone you know because you worked together, previous recommendations still apply, you just need to adapt them a little bit. Select your work relationship (e.g. I was her manager), provide some context and talk about their tech and soft skills.

Let's see a real and anonymized example:

We interviewed John for our Product Management position at Lastminute. From his background John has great analytical skills and this, combined with his UX expertise, makes him an ideal candidate for any PM-related position. He passed all our tests and did an impressive whiteboard exercise with our designers. We felt he had strong skills and would strongly recommend him to any product-oriented company.

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