Circular is a free community and it only works if everyone contributes. We can only share good talent if you share good talent. And that’s why we believe in this golden rule: 

1 invitation = 1 opportunity

Meaning you will be able to access talent for as many opportunities as candidates you have invited to the community. 

  • Are your figures 1 invited candidate to 3 opportunities posted? Then you can only access to the talent of one opportunity and have to invite 2 candidates to access the others'.
  • Your figures are 3 to 3? Then you can enjoy all of your opportunities’ candidates. 
  • And what if you are a Top contributor and your figures are 19 invited candidates to 3 opportunities posted? Then you have done your homework and won’t have to worry for a long time. You can keep publishing up to 16 opportunities and accessing all of its candidates 48h before anyone else. 

But wait, there’s even more! 🔥

Before asking anything from you, we want to reward your trust in us by giving you a “trial” opportunity that won’t count for your figures. Therefore, the first opportunity that you’ll post with us will let you try our full potential without any commitment. 


Start inviting now and get access to all the talent you'll need!

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