Being rejected is a hard experience for the candidate and the recruiter. For this, including your unique link to Circular in the rejection email will soften this moment and improve the candidate's experience.

👉 What should I say in the message?

You can use the text that we provide as a template on your invitation page:

"[Company name] is part of Circular, an invite-only talent community where we'd like to invite you so you can receive opportunities from the best startups and tech companies. Here is my invitation:"

You can find it in template in Referrals > 🔗 Invite by Link

👉 How do I include this in GreenHouse?

You can automate this email following those steps:

Click on ⚙️ Configure > Email Templates

Then ✏️ Edit the "Default candidate rejection" email

There, you can include your unique link, and click on save. This email will be sent to all your discarded candidates.


Doubts about including your link?
Ping us at or contact directly to your account manager so that we can get back to you right away.

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