What startups and tech companies would you like to get candidates from? 

Inviting other recruiters and hiring managers is easy and incredibly fast. Open your user menu, go to "Invite other recruiters" and choose how to invite them:  

🔗 Share your invitation link. Once they click on it, they'll get redirected to the recruiter sign up form with the invitation code pre-filled.

🔖 Copy your invitation code and share it with the recruiters you want to get candidates from. They just have to paste it in the recruiters' sign up form and... voilà!

💌 Send them an invitation email from our platform with a direct link to the sign up form (invitation code pre-filled). 

And once you have invited them, what happens?
You can keep track of your invitations in your invitation list. You can see who you have invited, the invitation status (pending or accepted), how are they doing at Circular and access their recruiter profile.

👉🏼 Spread the word

⚠️ Remember that if you want to invite recruiters from your own company to work together with you at Circular, you can do it in teams.

Do you still have doubts?
Ping us at contact@trycircular.com and we'll get back to you right away.

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