Receive candidates in your Greenhouse account

Read their referrals and send them interview requests. All in one place!

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How does this help me?

  • Speed up your work: Circular candidates will flow directly into Greenhouse

  • Maintain high-quality sourcing: we'll keep our quality & volume standards

  • Concentrate all your activities in one place: source, discard & comment candidates in Greenhouse

Will my Greenhouse pipeline be modified in any way?

We do not alter or add any stage in your selection processes. You'll simply receive our candidates directly into the Application review stage of your pipeline.

How can I identify Circular's candidates? 

First, our candidates have their own source: "Circular",  as we are Greenhouse Partners. That way, you'll be able to identify and review them all together as well as break down and analyze their quality. 

Besides the Circular source, we'll add and display extra info so you can identify them at any time. 

Checkout their referrals

You can also see the referrals that other members of the community have left about our candidates. They are inside each candidate's Resume, that can be found in the candidate's details tab or just under their name. 

Send them interview requests

Our candidates follow the same journey in Greenhouse that they do inside Circular:

Once you like a candidate you have to send them an interview request. But, how to do it inside Greenhouse? Easy, whenever you move any of our candidates from the Application review stage to one forward, you'll be inviting that candidate to be part of your selection process. 

Candidates will then receive an automatic email from Circular with your interview request, and if they accept, we'll introduce you both by email.  From that moment, you'll be able to access to their contact info and start your selection process.


Have any doubt?
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