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How do I connect my Returnly Integration?
How do I connect my Returnly Integration?
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TryNow can process returns through Returnly and accurately charge and close out orders. To enable this functionality, please connect your Returnly and TryNow accounts. Follow these steps to retrieve your Returnly API token and send it securely:

  1. Sign in to your Shopify admin portal: This is the central dashboard where you manage your Shopify store. Use your Shopify store login credentials to sign in.

  2. Navigate to the Returnly app: Once logged in, find the Returnly app. You can do this by typing "Returnly" into the search bar located at the top of your dashboard.

  3. Open the Returnly portal: Clicking on the Returnly app will open the Returnly portal in a new tab.

  4. Retrieve your API token: In the Returnly portal, click on 'Integration Tools' in the left-hand sidebar, then select 'API Token'. This will take you to a page that displays your unique Returnly API token.

  5. Copy your API token: Click on the 'copy' button next to the API token to copy it to your clipboard. Make sure you don't share this key publicly as it is sensitive information that links directly to your account.

  6. Send the API token to TryNow: Open a new email message and paste the copied API token into the body of the email. Address the email to To ensure your email is handled correctly, use the subject line "Returnly API Token for (Your Store Name)". Send the email, and our team will connect our systems on the back end.

And you're done! Thank you for completing this step in your onboarding journey. If you encounter any issues during this process, don't hesitate to contact our support team at

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