For Pencil to work well, you need to provide high-quality inputs to the system. The higher the quality, the higher the quality of your generated ideas. The reverse is also true, if your assets aren't strong, your generated ideas won't be either.

MINIMUM required inputs for a brief are:

  1. A Brand Kit of 1 dark logo file, 1 light logo file, 1 font file, and 4 color hex codes

  2. A Copy Kit, 1 Brand description, Product Descriptions, and Generated Copy.

  3. Assets - a 1-minute video and 1 product packshot image or 1 product lifestyle image. Assets must NOT contain graphics or supers/text.

IDEAL required inputs for a brief are (although more is always better):

  1. A Brand Kit of 1 dark logo file, 1 light logo file, 2 font files, and 6 color hex codes

  2. Assets - 3 minutes of video and 5 or more images.

  3. Copy Kit - 1 brand description, multiple product descriptions, and 1 CTA

Brand Kit

A brand kit contains the essence of your brand's look and feel. Brand kits are required to generate Pencil ads. A brand kit contains:

  1. Logo files in .png with a transparent background. Upload both a dark logo (to be used on light backgrounds) and a light logo (to be used on dark backgrounds).

  2. Font files in .ttf or .otf format. Upload one primary font, ideally a bold font face for maximum legibility, and upload any more secondary fonts you desire.

  3. Colors by inputting hex codes. Add at least 4 colors and specify how these colors should be used. Tip: black and white will always be used for text as a default, but manually adding them in means they'll be used in your generated ad ideas as well.

  4. Custom Graphics - by choosing Pencil custom graphics or inputting your own, you will amplify the diversity & quality of your generated ideas.

  5. Music in MP3 files. Either upload your own or browse and choose from Pencil's own library of instrumental songs. All these songs have been licensed and cleared for public use.


Assets are fundamental raw materials in generating ads. Generally, try to provide as many high-quality creative assets as you can in every brief. This way, the AI has more to work with and can generate the best and most diverse ads. There are 2 types of assets you can upload:

  1. Video files in .mp4 format. Each video file must be at least 4 seconds long and no more than 10 minutes long. Video files must be no more than 1080p, 30fps. They must also not contain text/supers or graphics overlaid on the video as they cannot be removed and will conflict with other text the AI adds and may get cropped off when you generate different formats. Both high-production-value brand films and smartphone-shot user-generated content are ideal and acceptable.

  2. Image files in .jpg or .png formats. These should not be larger than 2000px. Images should always contain products, either "pack shots" (product-on-white-background) or "full-bleed photography" (product with a lifestyle background).

Copy Kit

Copy Kit messaging includes the key information you want to get across in your ads. There are three types of messaging you must input:

  1. Brand descriptions. These describe your brand, what its benefits, personality, or tone is. Tip: this can be the 2-3 sentences used in the meta-description of your brand website.

  2. Product descriptions. Add at least 3 product descriptions of up to 100 characters each. These should describe your product and its benefits. These can be slogans, propositions, benefits, USPs, ingredients, or any other key messaging.

  3. Generate & Approve Copy Kit. So you don't have to keep inputting the 2 types of messaging above, you can also choose to edit and save groups of copy lines as a "copy kit" and load these into briefs instantly. Make sure to include any Offers or CTAs you have as well.

    1. Offers (Optional) These are messages such as "10% off", "Free Shipping", etc.

    2. Calls-to-Action (CTAs) (Optional) These are messages such as "shop now", "click here", "find out more" etc.

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