Before you start:  Please ensure you have completed Step 1: Getting started with tuple - initial setup

(Watch the video OR follow instructions below)

1. Add a Course Offer

Step 1: Navigate to TupleSMS > Courses 

Step 2: Name and Add Course Offer

  1. Open the Course that you wish to create a Course Offer from
  2. On the Left Navitation Bar, click Offers
  3. When the Offers page opens, click Action and Select Add
  4. Enter a Course Offer Code and Description   


  • This is extremely important in order to easily identify information about your Course Offer and the groups of Learners you would enrol in each
  • The Course Offer Code and Description should be meaningful for your organisation and help you easily identify different groups of students
  • The Description may be in upper or lower case or a combination of the two. Some exports will produce a report in upper case only
  • We recommend that you establish internal guidelines for your Course Offer Codes and Descriptions

Step 3: Enter Dates

  1. Enter the Course Offer Start and End dates
  2. The Enrolment Period start and end dates will automatically populate from the Course Offer Start and End dates – change these if your Enrolment period is different
  3. Complete all remaining Fields
  4. Save

2. Add a Unit Offer

  1. Open the relevant Course Offer
  2. In the Left Navigation Bar, click Unit Offers
  3. On the top right select Click Action and Select Add / Edit Unit Selection
  4. A list of Units for the course will appear , Tick the relevant Unit/s that you wish to add Note: Any units previously added will be ticked by default
  5. Below the list of Units in the Action Menu, Select Confirm Unit Selection
  6. You will now receive a confirmation of the number of Units added – click Confirm

*you can link staff to associated Courses and Units

All done?  Great work! You can now move on to Step 3: add and enrol learners.

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