Introducing Logbook

The Logbook feature allows you to save any documents, files or record file notes throughout Tuple.

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Accessing Logbook

Logbook can be accessed in all sections of Tuple by clicking on Logbook from the left navigation bar.  All Logbook entries are displayed in chronological order as an event timeline.

Learn about the different Logbook Types:

Documents and Files

Tuple allows you to upload and download documents/files so you can generate them directly from within the application. For example, if you need to attach documents to a file note such as a scanned copy of the Learner's drivers license, or uploading a course overview for a Course Offer.

Uploading documents/files to a Logbook record can be done using drag and drop. However, please note:

  • Internet Explorer does NOT support the 'drag and drop' functionality in Tuple. Please use another browser to use this feature or click on the cloud-shaped upload icon to navigate to your file.

  • There are specific Supported File Types that are allowed.

  • For performance reasons Tuple supports uploads of up to 5 files; of up to 10 MB each; and 20 MB in total at one time

File Notes

File Notes let you log any information about a record such as general notes, logging calls/interactions, uploading documents, etc. They can contain rich text, images and web links and you can upload up to 10 Files per File Note.

You can add File Notes throughout Tuple.

Example of a File Note at Learner level:

  • Diary note about the Learner, i.e. "Spoke to Rebecca today as she displayed inappropriate behaviour in the classroom. She explained....."

Example of a File Note at a Course Offer level:

  • Providing a Course Overview along with a Course Offer Welcome text

To add a File Note:

  1. Choose where you want to add a Logbook File Note by navigation to the relevant section, e.g. to make a note for a specific student, search for the student's record under the Learner Tab

  2. When you have the relevant record open, click Logbook in the left navigation.

  3. Click the top right hand Action button and select Add File Note

  4. Give the File Note a Name

  5. Optionally, add further details such as rich text and/or attach files

NOTE: All Users with access to Tuple can view File Notes by clicking on Logbook from the Left Navigation Bar. This will generate records of all File Notes recorded.

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