Tuqqi chat is a key part of the platform. You’ll find the chat button in the upper-right corner of any page on Tuqqi. You can easily converse with your colleagues in real-time, share professional insights and also start a video call. The chat is also available on your mobile (Tuqqi Talk).

The thinking behind Tuqqi chat:

A chat thread will be open automatically after you'll type a comment on a post. You'll join the chat together with the post's admin and other members who already commented and engaged in this post.

A chat is a place to manage a professional discussion on a specific item/topic/post. Instead of searching the post and share your comment directly on it, simply navigate into the chat section, find the chat thread (as mentioned, it will be open automatically after you leave your first comment on the post itself), and message with your colleagues instantly.
FYI - The chat thread is a full reflection of the comments on the post and vice versa.

What else can you do via Tuqqi chat?

  • Review all the professional discussion your were involved.

  • Find who are your other colleagues on this chat thread and even invite others.

  • Open a chat video, up to 4 members.

  • By clicking on the more option menu (located on the top right corner of the chat thread) you can easily navigate into the original item.

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