Drafting Your Claims

There are three ways to begin drafting claims in the Rowan Patents drafting tool:

  1. Drag and drop a .docx file onto the main drafting window.

  2. Add claims in the main drafting window.

  3. Merge in a .tp file with existing claims.

Drag and drop a Word .docx file

Navigate to the folder containing your .docx file with your claims. Drag and drop that file onto the main Rowan Patents drafting window. Your claims will be imported and appear in the drafting window.

Add New Claims

Click in the claim 1 field and begin typing. To add a new claim, hit the return key after the final “.” (automatically inserts dependency to claim 1).

Alternately, click the Specification menu in the toolbar and select the type of claim to add.

Rowan drafting knows the format of a patent application, allowing you to add:

  • an Independent Claim

  • a Dependent Child— the new claim will depend on the selected claim

  • a Dependent Sibling — the new claim depends on the same claim as the selected claim

Merge in Existing Claims

With Rowan drafting, you can save files that contain content you may want to reuse later. For instance, you may have a .tp file that has claims and terms you wish to reuse in a different draft. You can merge that content into a new draft application.

Find the file in your directory and drag it onto the main drafting window for the new draft application. Alternately, select Merge Content from the File menu and drag in or browse for the file you want to merge in.

You will get a confirmation dialogue to select items that will be merged. Then click “Merge in” and all that content will be placed into the appropriate places within your new draft application.

Transform Claims

Automatically generate additional claims – apparatus and/or computer readable medium (CRM) claims – from method claims. Select the method claim or claims (shift-click) you want to have copied and converted into other claim types. Select the option to generate a claim from the Specification menu or the Claims toolbar, and select the type of claim you wish to generate from the selected method claim.

This menu also gives you access to the template used to generate other claim types from method claims, so you may customize it as you wish.

Rearrange and Format Claims

Claim Tree Navigation Panel

Use the claim tree in the left panel to:

  • Quickly scroll to a claim by clicking on its number.

  • Rearrange the claim order by selecting one or more (shift-click) claims. Drag and drop the claim(s) into a new position. All claim ordering and dependencies will be updated automatically.

  • View claim dependencies.

  • Delete a claim by clicking the trashcan icon.

Specification Menu

The Specification menu includes options that allow you to add, delete, and generate claims, as described above. It also includes options to Auto-Indent Claims to quickly align claim elements consistently, and to generate a flowchart from a claim.

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