RoboReview™ is an online tool that utilizes AI and predictive analytics to automatically analyze draft patent applications for novelty, patentability, antecedent basis, claim support, term consistency, and more. It reduces the amount of time it takes for patent professionals to review a patent application and helps avoid human error.

RoboReview generates two reports:

Predictive Analytics to inform strategy and set expectations

  • Art Unit Prediction

  • 101 Rejection Assessment

  • 102/103 Rejection Assessment with optional prior art disclosure

  • 112 issue overview

Automatic Application Review provides in-document (MS Word) reviews for possible issues:

  • Antecedent Basis

  • Claim Term Support

  • Figure Reference Consistency

  • Formalities

Why Use RoboReview?

Typically, a near-final draft of a patent application is sent out for review by paralegals, managing partners, review committees, or other members of the patent team. It’s smart to get multiple sets of eyes reviewing a draft application. The problem is that this manual review can take several days and can inadvertently introduce errors.

Expert Systems Powered by AI and Natural Language Processing

RoboReview uses expert “reviewer bots” specifically tuned for patent practice to reveal and comment on very complex issues in patent claims. RoboReview provides comments nearly instantly and at a much lower cost. 

RoboReview can review draft patent applications, Office Action responses, and even existing US patents or publications.

Safe & Secure

When developing RoboReview we wanted to create the most secure web-based patent review environment possible. That’s why TurboPatent does not store anything processed through RoboReview on our servers, nor do we store any of the results.

Information is encrypted in transit, processed, and the data is delivered back to the browser where the results are displayed.

Accessing RoboReview

In order to use RoboReview, you need to have a TurboPatent account. TurboPatent has assigned your company a private organization domain—e.g. [firm name] The firm name is typically the same as your email domain: between the @ and the .com. 

If you did not receive log-in credentials, please contact your organization’s TurboPatent administrator or email us at

System Requirements

RoboReview is a cross-platform web application that does not require any additional software or plugins. There is nothing to download. However, you must access RoboReview with the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Edge are not supported at this time.

RoboReview analyzes draft applications and Office Action responses that are in the Microsoft Word document format (.docx). For existing patents or publications, you simply provide the document number.

Accessing RoboReview

There are two ways to access RoboReview online:

  1. Visit your company’s TurboPatent landing page (typically[firm domain]), and click the Access RoboReview button

  2. Or go directly to the URL:  [firm domain]

Sign in using your TurboPatent credentials (email and password) if needed.

This will launch the RoboReview web app and you are now ready to upload or drag and drop your draft application or Office Action response for review.

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