Rowan Patents drafting allows you to re-use existing content in several different ways so you don’t have to start from scratch when drafting a patent application. Imported content is converted into a Rowan drafting data object so it can be easily changed and manipulated within your document. 

Using Existing Drawings, Stencils, and Icons

  • In the Drawing Tool, you can import existing drawings (JPG, PNG, or SVG format) to the center Canvas window by using the Import Image button in the Tool Bar. Once imported, you can resize and reposition your drawing, number it, label it, and even add individual part numbers (by dragging the part number stencil onto your imported image).

  • You can also import your own SVG stencils or icons by dragging them onto the Canvas. SVG stencils are treated the same way as Rowan drafting’s built-in drawing elements, so you can drag a link out using the blue arrow icon and use all of the normal stencil style, label, link, and numbering metadata.

Using Existing Content in Your Specification

  • You can copy and paste text into any field in the Specification window. You can also merge existing content into your current application using the File > Merge Content option, discussed further below.

  • While working in the Specification window, you can insert existing images. To insert an image in your application, select Image… from the Insert dropdown under the Specification menu, or click the photo icon in the Insert panel of the Tool Bar. You will be presented with an explorer dialog allowing you to select an image stored on your computer. The selected image will be inserted at your cursor location, and will have an area where a caption may be added.

Importing Existing Claims

  • To import claims from another document into your current document, just drag a .DOCX (Microsoft Word) or .TP (Rowan drafting) file on to any Rowan drafting window.

  • This will intelligently import and merge existing claims and associated terms into your current Rowan drafting document

Reusing Content from an Existing Rowan Drafting Document

Virtually any content from an existing Rowan drafting document (.TP) can be imported and merged into your current Rowan drafting document:

  • Drawing elements can be copied and pasted between Rowan drafting documents.

  • Text from the main drafting window, including claims, can be copied and pasted between Rowan drafting documents, or from Word documents.

  • Dragging an existing .TP document on to any window in your current .TP document will display a merge dialog box which summarizes the specific content you can merge into your document. Click the orange Merge In button to confirm.

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