New User Registration

Only registered users may access the Rowan Patents Platform and registration is via your company or organization.

Every organization has its own private and secure organizational domain: or

where yourcompany is the Rowan Patents domain assigned to your organization (usually the same company name component used in your email address).

One or more people at your organization have been given administrator access to your company’s Rowan Patents account and they are able to add or delete users for your organization.

If you are not yet a registered user, please contact your organization’s administrator. He or she can set you up as a new user. 

Once you are set up as a user, you will receive an invitation via email which will contain an invitation link and a temporary password.

Use your temporary password to sign in (see below).

Signing In

Signing In Online (Web-Based App)

To use Rowan Patents Prosecution, Analytics, and other web-based app, or to manage your user account, sign into Rowan Patents on the web using the URL: or

where yourcompany is the Rowan Patents domain assigned to your organization.

Signing In to a Desktop App 

Signing in to a desktop app like Rowan Patents drafting and RapidResponse follows a similar process. Enter your private organizational domain, your email, and your password.

Note: if you are unable to remember your private organizational domain, you can click the Find my organization link from the sign-in screen and you will be brought to a page where you can enter your work email and Rowan Patents will attempt to find a linked organizational account.

Edit Your Profile -- Change Your Password

Once signed in, you can change your email address, password, name, address, and other personal information by choosing the Edit profile command from the File menu:

This will open up a web browser with your profile page, ready for editing.

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