Rowan Patents drafting is purpose-built for patent drawings, including creating flowcharts for depicting methods and processes. 

You can generate flowcharts from method claims automatically, or build flowcharts from scratch. 

To generate flowcharts from method claims, select the method claim in the main drafting window and, under the Specification menu, select the Generate Flowchart from Claim option. Selecting a dependent claim will traverse the claim dependency tree and automatically generate a flowchart depicting the process based on those claims.

You will find special flowchart elements (parts) within the Flowchart Elements pane of the left sidebar in the Drawing Tool window.

If the pane is hidden, use the small black disclosure triangle on the right side to open the pane.

The Flowchart Elements pane contains standard flowchart elements, including:

  • Process Blocks

  • Subroutine Blocks

  • Decision Blocks

  • Terminator (“Done” Blocks)

  • Opening/Closing Loops

One-Click Quick Add

In Rowan drafting, flowchart elements contain special blue “One Click Add” arrows on the top, bottom, left, and right of the element.

Clicking on any of these One Click Add arrows will quickly add a placeholder process flowchart block in the indicated direction. 

The added element will be automatically numbered and connected to its parent element. You can reposition or change metadata in the right-hand Element Inspector. You can also change the shape of the flowchart block to any of the ten pre-defined flowchart elements using the Shape Type dropdown. 

About Flowchart Element Numbering

Unlike standard parts and stencils, flowchart elements are “spacially-aware” and therefore cannot be renumbered or resorted in the Numbering tab of the Element Inspector. This is to prevent accidental disruption of the intended flowchart process.

Viewing a flowchart element in the Numbering tab will give you the option to re-label the element, but (unlike standard parts) not re-order it. 

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