The Rowan Patents drafting tool automatically manages part numbering so you don't have to think about it. And it keeps part names and numbers in sync throughout the document as you make any revisions, reducing the chance of inconsistent part references.  

By default, part numbers are automatically added to a part based on the figure number. Part numbers are generated in increments of two.  

For example, Fig 1 starts with part 102 and the next part added will be numbered 104 and so on. Fig 2 starts with part 202, etc.

If you add a 50th part to a figure, or figure group (1A, 1B, 1C), the increment is automatically changed to one — e.g. 101, 102, 103. If you reduce it to under 50, it changes back. This only changes for that specific figure or figure group. All other figures with less than 50 parts will maintain the increment of two.

If you add a 100th part to a figure or figure group, the numbering sequence automatically adjusts so that all parts on all figures are in a sequence. e.g. starts with 1 and increments 1 for every part.

Additionally, each figure can have a figure element. E.g. Fig 1 has a figure element 100.  

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