Available as of v2.13.4, June 2020

There are times when it is beneficial to place more than one figure on a drawing sheet, for example, when showing multiple views, or to reduce wasted space.

Every new sheet includes the first figure for that sheet.

Add a Figure

To add another figure to the same sheet, drag the FIG element from the left panel onto the sheet.

You can also select New Figure on this Sheet from the Drawing menu or the Add button options.

Adding a new figure does not add a new figure element (X00). A figure element number with a lead line may be added by selecting the “Add Part 100” or similar option from the Element Inspector.

The figure element and lead line will be added to your figure.

Adding and Editing Parts on One of the Figures

The drafting tool keeps track of which parts are associated with which figure on the sheet.

To add a part to a figure, select the figure number on the sheet or in the figures panel on the left. You can also select any of the parts in that figure.

Drag the part on to the sheet. The part will automatically get numbered as part of that figure.

You can select any part/element in a figure to activate that figure.

Rearrange Figure Numbers and Figures on the Same Sheet

Figure numbers and figure elements are selectable and can be moved anywhere on the sheet.

You can move all the parts of the figure by selecting the figure and then selecting all the parts (ctrl/cmd-A) and drag to the new position. Note that you have to select and move the figure number and figure element (x00) separately from the figure itself.

Move Figures to Different Sheets

To move a figure to a different sheet, select the figure and pick from one of the options in the right panel.

Note that only the available options are available to help ensure that figures aren't placed out of order or with a blank sheet.

Deleting One Figure (and its Description) from a Sheet with Multiple Figures

Select the figure number and click on the associated trash can and confirm the deletion.

Or, from the Drawing menu, select Delete Figure and Description.

Deleting a Sheet Containing Multiple Figures (and their Descriptions)

Select any figure on the sheet and, from the Drawing menu, select Delete Sheet and Descriptions. Then confirm deletion of the multiple figures and descriptions.

You can also delete sheets from the Sheet Sorter tab.

Figure Numbering with Multiple Figures on a Sheet.

The drafting tool manages figure numbering to help ensure compliance with PTO guidelines.

Each new figure added to a sheet will be automatically numbered one number higher than the highest number on the sheet, and increment all following figure numbers on subsequent sheets.

You can also create a sub-numbered figure group with the figures on one sheet, or spanning sheets. See the Figure Sub-numbering article for more information.

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