Vertices and Curvature

Many stencils are now editable. Once you've added a stencil, double click the stencil on the drawing canvas to enable the editor. Red dots will appear at editable stencil vertex.

Drag a red dot to reshape the stencil.

On stencils or shapes with arcs, you can adjust the shape of the arc anchored by the red dot. (Coming in the next release: add arcs to straight lines too.)

Double click on any segment to add a red dot (vertex). Double-click a red dot to remove a vertex. Click anywhere else on the canvas to deactivate stencil editing.

360° Shape Rotation

It is now possible to freely rotate a shape 360° instead of just 90° increments. Click on the rotate icon next to the shape and drag to rotate.

You can also use the Rotate options in the Element Description panel, either to entering the degree of rotation you want, or to rotate the stencil or shape in 90 degree increments left or right using the rotation arrows.

The label and part number will remain upright to the page orientation.

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