Add subscript and superscript in parts names, labels, and terms

Select the text in a part name, label, or term field and the sub/superscript UI will pop up. The sub/superscript will appear in all uses of that part name or term.

Reference parts as a group

Several of you have asked for the ability to refer to a group of parts without having to use the part name each time. Now, instead of having to reference Device 102, Device 104, Device 106, you can reference Devices 102, 104, 106. Each part reference, even those without a part name, is a tagged object that will sync with any changes made in the drawing tool. Note: you can also express it as a range –e.g. devices 102 – 106 – where 102 and 106 are tagged objects. However, the tool does not know how to manage the range should you move part 104 outside that range.

Lock elements and links to horizontal or vertical access

Maintain the horizontal or vertical position of a drawing element by holding down the shift key as you move it. This also works when dragging out links from one part to another.

Importing Visio files preserves figure and part sub-numbering

When importing Visio files (vsdx) that contain sub-numbered figures (FIG. 1A) or parts (102a), those should now be preserved in the drawing tool.

Use same auto-text shortcut for both capital and lower case

When setting up shortcuts in the Auto-Text feature (Tools->Templates->Auto-Text), you can use one shortcut that can then be used at the beginning of a sentence or in the middle. For example, you can type “ise” and in the middle of a sentence to get “in some embodiments” or type “Ise” at the beginning of a sentence to get “In some embodiments”

User Interface Improvements

  • The tagging autocomplete suggestion ordering now prioritizes beginning-of-taggable-text instead of percentage of matched text (e.g. 'com' should now suggest “computing service” before “cloud computing”

  • Enabling 'link to part' automatically opens the search dropdown to save a click

  • Part linking and grouping controls for links/connectors are now back in the tool

  • Flowchart rectangle in stencil picker now looks like a flowchart rectangle

  • Old references to 'drawings' have been replaced with 'figures'

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where importing comments/suggestions from a reviewed Word document would not include all comments

  • Fixed an issue where generating the description of a flowchart would occasionally fail

  • Addressed some cases where the autocomplete menu shows duplicate entries

  • Fix visual alignment of plural form in edit term dialog

  • Fix a couple of drawing tool oddities where dropping a stencil right near the edge of the canvas would produce odd results

  • Fix a few tooltips-related UI glitches, where tooltips were too large, or were being partially hidden by other UI elements

  • Fix UI glitch where scrolling all the way to the right on a zoomed in canvas would sometimes show a gray bar instead of the white background extending all the way to the edge of the canvas

  • Fix the capitalization logic to only capitalize a-z and not other character such as greek letters commonly used in chemical formulas

  • Fix issue preventing re-syncing of an out-of-sync definition that occurs at the beginning of a paragraph

  • Fix an issue where a change-tracked addition of an equation would cause the editor containing it to fail to load when opening the file or a new document window

  • Fix an issue where certain Windows security configurations would complain of an out-of-date certificate used to sign our code

  • Fix a UI glitch where dragging a term in the terms manager would sometimes look like you were dragging two terms

See Rowan Patent Drafting Tool Release Notes for a complete list of updates to the Rowan drafting tool from October 2018 to this latest release.

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