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Which code do I need to use for IV (Individual Activity) to meet the UZT requirements?
Who to contact regarding my UZT case/situation?
What to do if my consultant claims I'm not eligible for UZT funding?
How the timeline would look like when we start learning?
What happens if I don't get the documents from UZT before the start date?
Can I receive UZT funding while on maternity leave?
My UZT study period is done and I chose option 2. What to do with the deadlines?
Can students get the UZT funding?
I received a lower monthly learning scholarship from UZT. How can this be?
What profession code can my employer assign me after I complete program?
My consultant asks to provide a modernization plan for the company. What to do?
Can my UZT period be extended?
My consultant at UZT informed me that the program is too long, and as a result, I am unable to receive funding. What should I do?
Can I sponsor Turing College programs if I have participated in UZT programs before?
Why is the number of modules different on the UZT page and yours? Does that mean I only get funding for a part of the program?
What happens if I don't manage to finish required modules within my UZT study period?
What will happen if I do not meet the necessary learning requirements? Will I be dismissed?
I have completed the required UZT modules. Does that mean deadlines become recommended for me from now on?
UZT requires me to send a certificate of program completion. However, I haven't finished the full program yet. What should I do?
General information about Digital Marketing & Analytics with UZT funding