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How Can I Trust a Marketplace Cleaner?
How Can I Trust a Marketplace Cleaner?

Are marketplace cleaners vetted by Turno?

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All cleaners that apply to the Turno Marketplace are required to provide an identification document, a recent profile picture that follows guidelines, a bio that details their experience, and references that can attest to their cleaning experience. Cleaners are not allowed to join our Marketplace or place bids on offers from potential customers before they can provide these details.

Once a cleaner completes their marketplace application process and joins Turno's marketplace, they can then purchase a few badges for their profile that state to customers that they have certain documents, such as license, insurance, and bonding, as well as a background check, depending on where the cleaner is located.

🎖️Marketplace Badges

Cleaners who join our Marketplace can also acquire badges that are displayed on their profiles and bids to better earn your trust. When a cleaner purchases a badge request, they are prompted to upload a business license, surety bond, or liability insurance document to be verified. If you see a license, insurance, or bonding badge on a cleaner's profile, it means that our team has seen the respective document and checked that it's valid.

Background checks are mandatory for all cleaners located in the United States. This badge covers criminal activity, and the checks are run by a background check company for Turno. Cleaners in the US are required to purchase this badge through Turno as one of the steps to join our marketplace. If a cleaner has completed and passed their background check, it will show as a badge on their profile.

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