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How Do I Chat With a Cleaner Before Deciding to Accept Their Bid?
How Do I Chat With a Cleaner Before Deciding to Accept Their Bid?

As a host, you can contact marketplace cleaners that sent you a bid before deciding to accept their bids

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Whenever a cleaner posts a bid to one of your searches, a chat page between you and them is made available so you can introduce yourself, negotiate, and discuss details. This article will show you how to contact your potential new cleaner.

💬 Contacting the cleaner

To contact a cleaner who has bid on one of your searches, go to the "Cleaner Search" page to view your current searches.

Once there, click the button that shows the number of bids in your search. This will take you to another page containing the list of cleaners that placed a bid on your offer.

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Click a cleaner's bid from the list to see more details. This will take you to the cleaner's bid page, which will contain a "chat" button located right under the cleaner's profile picture.

Click it to open a new tab with Turno's messenger page, where you'll be able to message the cleaner. We encourage you to talk to all cleaners you may be interested in working with to find the best fit for you 📨

⚠️ Keep in mind that you can only share any form of contact information with cleaners after accepting their bid. We encourage you to chat with cleaners via messenger to get information on the services they offer or potentially negotiate. If you decide to move forward, make sure you accept the cleaner's bid so you can communicate more comfortably, as well as meet up before the cleaning actually happens. If later you find that a cleaner is not a good fit, you can remove them from your team at any time.

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