Will My Cleaner Receive a 1099?

Paying a cleaner through Turno and Taxes.

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Turno does not hold any payment information, so we do not provide tax documents. However, if your cleaner hits a certain threshold, Stripe, the payments processor we use, will send them a 1099 form. 🔔

🗒️ What is the IRS's position on 1099 forms?

According to the IRS Instructions for Form 1099-MISC, "Payments made with a credit card or payment card and certain other types of payments, including third-party network transactions, must be reported on Form 1099-K by the payment settlement entity under section 6050W and are not subject to reporting on Form 1099-MISC."

🗒️ How does my cleaner go about receiving a 1099?

Turno ensures the security of user data by not retaining any payment information within its system, as we are not a platform specialized in payment processing. Consequently, the platform does not generate tax documents for its users.

Stripe, the specialized payments processor platform that we use to send payouts to your cleaner, will issue Form 1099-K to your contractor as required. Therefore, you do not need to send Form 1099-MISC.

Below, you'll find more details on how they can receive a 1099 as a Turno cleaner.

With a Stripe Standard account 💡

The following article on Stripe's official support platform offers detailed information about the process of 1099-K forms issued for their Standard accounts.

If your cleaner doesn't meet these criteria, they'll not be given a 1099-K by Stripe. Generally, Stripe issues 1099-Ks each year by January 31. 📑

With a Stripe Express account 💡

For Stripe Express accounts, we have an agreement with Stripe for issuing cleaners their 1099-K, mirroring the process for Standard accounts.

As of 2023, Turno has initiated integration with Stripe Express accounts, making this agreement applicable to 1099s from 2024 onward. 🚨

🗒️ If I have more questions, what should I do?

For further questions, we advise reaching out to your cleaner and suggesting they log in to Stripe and contact their support directly.

We also recommend consulting a tax expert if you need additional information beyond what Stripe can provide. ⚠️

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