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Using Turno to Receive Guest Checkout Alerts and to Ask for Guest Reviews
Using Turno to Receive Guest Checkout Alerts and to Ask for Guest Reviews

Set up your Turno host account to alert your cleaner automatically when guests leave early, and to get feedback from your guests

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In your Turno host account, you can use the Guest Checkout feature to notify your cleaners when guests leave early from a property or use the Guest Feedback feature to gather information about what your guests thought of their stay. These two features can be enabled together or separately. Read on to learn how to use each of them

🔔 Guest checkout alert feature

To enable guest checkout alerts, head over to your Properties page:

(You must be logged in to your host account on the website for the button above to work)

Choose which property you'd like to enable it for, click on the green dotted circle next to it, and then on Update Property to access its settings. Alternatively, you can simply click on the property's name.

Go to the Check-in/out tab and scroll down until you see a section for the Guest Checkout Alert. Click on the toggle switch to activate it.

Enabling this feature will generate a unique checkout code for that property. You can generate a new code any time you want by clicking on Get new random code next to the current code.

Each property will have its own Checkout Code. Make sure to provide the correct code to your guests. 📑

Don't forget to scroll down the page and hit the Update Check-in/Check-out Settings button to save your changes:

Please keep in mind that for you and your cleaner to receive a check-out alert notification, there must be an active cleaning project attached to a booking on the property where you have enabled the code. ⚠️

It won't work if you try it out without an active project (which means it won't work for manual projects either) or if you use the code for the wrong property. 🚨

Provide your property's code to your guests, and they can enter it into the Guest Checkout page. This will trigger a notification to you and the relevant cleaner in case the guest is leaving early.

🔔 Guest checkout review feature

If you decide to use this feature, the guest will then have the opportunity to rate their stay and provide you with feedback. If the guest's feedback is positive (5 stars), we remind them to leave a review with your rental platform. If the review is negative (4 stars and below), you have the chance to reach out to the guest and correct the issue before the next guest arrives.

This is what it will look like for your guests:

When a new review is submitted, you'll be able to access it by going to the Guest Checkout Reviews page in your host account.

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