How to Update a Teammate’s Rate

Change your teammate's price per project

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If you've talked to your teammate and agreed to change their project price, you can do this from your side in your Host account.

Teammate rates are set by property, so to update them, you can access your Property settings to change all teammate prices for that property, or you can also do it on the My Team page to change a single teammate's prices for multiple properties. Follow the instructions that best fit your needs!

Keep in mind these instructions work only for the website version of the platform.

🏠 On the Properties page

To do this, go to your "Properties" page, click on the green three-dotted circle icon on your property's card, then on "Update Property", or simply click its name:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work.)

Then navigate to the "Teammates" tab, where you'll see their cleaning price.

Update their price for cleaning projects and press Enter on your keyboard, and you will see the pop-up window confirming that the price was updated successfully.

Here's a gif showing how the process would look like from start to finish:

You can also click the pencil (edit) button under the Action(s) column.

This window will appear; ensure you have assigned this teammate the roles you'd like for this property, then click "Next" to proceed.

Here, you will see the current price for cleaning projects for this teammate, which you can update as you'd like. Once the changes are made, click the "Save" button to confirm.

🤝 On the My Team page

First, go to "My Team" on the sidebar menu, select the "Teammates" tab, then click on the "Edit" button (the pencil icon).

This window will pop up; make sure your teammate has all the roles you'd like, and click on the "Next" button to proceed.

If you select more roles for your teammate, you'll be able to assign the teammate to other properties with each role. Click the "Next" button once you're sure they're assigned to the properties and roles you want.

Now, on the Role and Price page, you'll be able to edit the cleaning price of all properties your teammate is enabled on.
You can update cleaning prices individually and also choose if this price is per project (flat) or per hour.

There's also the possibility of changing all prices to the same setting by clicking on the checkbox in the top-left corner and setting up everything accordingly on the top bar.

Pressing the "Apply" button will update all the roles and prices according to what you input.

After you set up everything, you can click on the "Save" button to confirm.

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