How to Write a Review for a Cleaner

Looking to share more details about your experience with a cleaner but unsure where to start? Find guidance on this page.

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As a host, your experiences with cleaners significantly impact your business. Occasionally, you may want to share insights with fellow hosts, offering valuable considerations when considering a specific cleaner. Here, you'll learn how to accomplish that. 💫

🌟 When can I review a cleaner?

After you connect with a cleaner through a direct invite or by accepting their marketplace bid, they become part of your cleaning team. However, the option to review them only becomes available after the respective cleaner accepts at least one project from you within our platform.

Once they've accepted a project, you have the flexibility to leave a review at any time, up until two weeks after you disconnect from each other. If you find yourself disconnected from a cleaner and wish to review them but are unsure how to proceed, please reach out to our Customer Support team via live chat or through our email at

Keep in mind that if you submit a new review for a cleaner you've previously reviewed, the latest review will replace the previous one. Even though reviews are anonymous, cleaners can display only one review from a host at a time. ⚠️

🌟 Where should I go to leave a cleaner a review?

Navigate to the Teammates tab under the My Team section on the website version of the platform.

On this page, you'll find a list of cleaners you're connected with. If it's your first review for a cleaner, click "Review now" under their name. But if you've already submitted a review, update it by clicking the number next to the star under their name.

When you click on "Review now" (or the number next to the star) under a cleaner's name, a popup window will open for you to submit (or update) your review.

🌟 What is the procedure when reviewing a cleaner?

First, rate the cleaner by selecting a number of stars from 1 to 5 ⭐. Based on your star rating, tags will appear for you to choose how best to describe the cleaner; select at least 1 tag that fits your experience. Optionally, you can also share more about your experience with the cleaner in question in the provided text field.

When finished, click Send Review. Your review will be submitted and remain pending approval until it is verified by our team.

All reviews undergo verification to uphold the professionalism expected in our marketplace. This process is also in place to prevent any attempts by cleaners to review themselves via a secondary host account. 📑

After approval, your review will appear on the cleaner's profile for other hosts to see.

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