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As a Cleaner on Turno, Will I Receive a 1099?'
As a Cleaner on Turno, Will I Receive a 1099?'

Receiving payments through Turno and taxes.

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Turno does not hold any payment information, so we do not provide tax documents. However, if you hit a certain threshold, Stripe, the payments processor we use, will send you a 1099 form. 🔔

🗒️ How do I go about receiving a 1099?

Turno ensures the security of user data by not retaining any payment information within its system, since we are not a platform specialized in payment processing. Consequently, the Turno does not generate tax documents for its users.

Below, you'll find more details on how you can receive a 1099 as a Turno cleaner.

With a Stripe Standard account 💡

The following article on Stripe's official support platform offers detailed information about the process of 1099-K forms issued for their Standard accounts.

If you don't meet these criteria, you will not be given a 1099-K by Stripe. Generally, Stripe issues 1099-Ks each year by January 31. 📑

With a Stripe Express account 💡

For Stripe Express accounts, we have an agreement with Stripe to issue your 1099-K, mirroring the process for Standard accounts.

As of 2023, Turno has initiated integration with Stripe Express accounts, making this agreement applicable to 1099s from 2024 onward. 🚨

🗒️ If I have more questions, what should I do?

For further questions, we advise you to log in to Stripe and contact their support directly.

Reach out to Stripe support using the link below

We also recommend consulting a tax expert if you need additional information beyond what Stripe can provide. ⚠️

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