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How To Set Up a Payout Account To Receive Payments Through Turno
How To Set Up a Payout Account To Receive Payments Through Turno

Setting up your cleaner account with our payments processor partner, Stripe

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As a cleaner, you can receive payments for your completed projects through Turno. If you are a marketplace cleaner, this is a requirement.

Keep in mind that Turno does not hold any payment information - Stripe, the third-party payments processor that will process your payment, does. So in order to get paid via Turno by your customers, set up a payout account with Stripe that will be connected to your Turno Cleaner account.

💵 Setting up your Stripe account

To set up your account to receive payments on Turno, first it's necessary to add an address to your account – you can do this from your Profile Settings, or by clicking on Update my Address in the banner you see on your Payments page:

After updating your address, go to the Payments page and click Connect with Stripe:

You'll then be taken to the Stripe sign up page where you can create a new account. Enter your email and click Continue to proceed with your account creation:

You'll also be required to add a phone number to enter an SMS code sent to you in order to verify your account:

After that, proceed by following the instructions given by Stripe and setting up your account.

Once your Stripe account is connected, you should be all set. Payments will be processed automatically when you mark projects as complete (as long as automatic payments are enabled on your customer's side).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Stripe Support directly.

⚠️ Note to Brazilian cleaners: to properly receive payments, also ensure the following:

  • Additional documentation is needed to have your payout account verified by Stripe: updated ITIN or SSN

  • A US Stripe account is required to receive payments from your US customers through Turno - meaning, even though Stripe is present in Brazil, a Brazilian payout account cannot be connected.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

"I don't have a business website, what should I do?"

You don't need to look for a link from any other place. Our system will pre-populate that field when you set up your payout account so you should leave it as it is. However, if you do so much as click on the field, we won't auto-populate it anymore. If you have trouble with it, contact us via our live help chat so we can get the automatic link for you so you can add it there.

✍️ You can leave the Business website field empty, and we should auto-complete it with a Business link for you.

"What is a 'Statement Descriptor'?"

A statement descriptor is the description of the charge that customers will see on their statement. This will be visible in payment statements, invoices, and receipts. 💸

By default, it will show "APP.TURNO.COM", but you can edit it. It can be your name followed by "Turno Cleaner", or your cleaning company name as well if you have one.

💡 Remember to choose a name that's easy to recognize to avoid potential chargebacks from Turno customers

In the examples below, you can see how it would look like in your customer's statement if your statement descriptor was set to "YOUR BUSINESS NAME" and if the shortened descriptor was set to only "BUSINESS":

Statement descriptor example: YOUR BUSINESS NAME

Shortened descriptor example: BUSINESS

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