Making a Manual Payment

To send an extra payment to your cleaner or if your auto payment declines, you can make a manual payment instead.

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Customize your payments for unique situations, from declined transactions to additional payments for your cleaners, using our Manual Payments feature. This option empowers you to effortlessly manage payment needs that extend beyond the automatic scope. 💵

🏦 When should I use the Manual Payments option?

Manual Payments give you control over specific payment scenarios, ensuring a seamless and customized transaction experience tailored to your needs. This valuable option proves beneficial in various circumstances, such as:

  1. Your cleaner completed a cleaning that was not scheduled on Turno, so they couldn't mark it as complete to trigger an automatic payment.

  2. An automatic payment was declined after your cleaner completed the project, so you must retry it manually.

  3. You are not using automatic payments with your non-marketplace cleaners but would like to pay them via Turno to keep it all in one place.

  4. Your cleaner requested an additional amount after the project was completed, or you would like to send them a tip.

Bear in mind that Marketplace cleaners (those you connect with by accepting their bid) are set up for Automatic Payments by default. In the case of a declined payment to one of these cleaners, make a manual payment. However, we recommend you check your Payment History to confirm that your cleaner's payment hasn't succeeded before initiating a manual payment, to avoid double payments. ⚠️

🏦 How to make a manual payment

While logged in to your host account on our website, click on the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen, then go to Payments > Manual Payments.

Then, on the Manual Payments page, you will see fields to fill out with information about the manual payment.

Explore a detailed breakdown of each field below for some insight into each part of the manual payment page. 

"Search or select a cleaner" 👤

Choose the cleaner you want to pay – only those with a payment account can be selected. Cleaners without an active account will appear grayed out.

If your cleaner needs help setting up their account to receive payments, share this payment account setup guide. ☑️

"Show only from last 30 days" 📆

Keep this option checked to ensure the list of projects will show only the projects from the last 30 days.

"Hide already paid projects" 💸

To prevent double payments, make sure to keep this option checked when paying your cleaner for a specific project. When selected, the project list will only display projects that haven't been paid for yet.

Please note that for a project to be considered paid, it needs a Succeeded transaction. ✅

"Search or select a project" 🔍

Choose a project from the drop-down menu or type the property name or project ID. A (Completed) indication will appear next to projects that have already been completed.

"Currency" 💱

Verify your chosen currency to minimize the risk of discrepancies or errors in your financial records during transactions.

Be aware that the Currency options in the drop-down are based on the currencies of your properties. If a specific currency is not listed, make sure you update the currency in one of your properties through your Property Settings to make it available. 🚨

"Amount" 💰

If you've chosen a project, this field will auto-populate; however, you also have the option to adjust the amount, and if no project is selected, you must enter a value.

"Payment Method" 💳

Choose your preferred payment method from the ones added to your account.

"Notes to Cleaner (optional)" 📓

Write a note to your cleaner here. This note will appear in the payment description, visible to both you and the cleaner. This field is optional. If you selected a project to pay, leaving this field blank will make the payment log show the date and project ID. 

"Send Payment💲

After you've made your selections, click the Send Payment button at the bottom. After confirming, you will see a notification at the top of the page stating whether the payment was successfully sent or declined.

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