Integrating Turno with RedAwning

How to import your properties from RedAwning to Turno.

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Turno is partnered with RedAwning, a leader in the STR field that provides vacation rental and property manager solutions. Learn how to integrate RedAwning with your Turno account in this article. 🏘️

🌟 What is RedAwning?

RedAwning stands out as an all-encompassing property management software, delivering complete reservations and guest service solutions. Its mission is to enable property managers to connect with millions of travelers globally through major online travel platforms.

In pursuit of redefining vacation hospitality, the company seamlessly combines the convenience, trust, consistency, service, and perks of a hotel stay with the exceptional diversity and value of vacation rental properties. This not only elevates the guest experience but also transforms the hosting journey.

Featuring an extensive portfolio of over 20,000 Short-Term Rentals across diverse destinations, RedAwning sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive suite of technology and service solutions.

🌟 How can I integrate Turno with RedAwning?

To guarantee that your properties can be imported from RedAwning, create your Turno account from there, and your schedule will be integrated from the start.

If you have created your Turno account from our sign-up page and then decided to integrate with RedAwning afterward, navigate to the Cleaning tab on RedAwning and click on the Get Started Now button at the bottom of the screen.

To be able to connect your RedAwning and Turno accounts, ensure that your RedAwning email matches the one registered with Turno. Enter your Turno credentials, and voila – the connection is established.

However, if your email differs, there is an extra step. Log in to Turno separately, and navigate to the Get Started Now page on RedAwning. Failure to follow this sequence may prompt the system to suggest signing up for Turno instead.

As long as you are logged in to your Turno account, once you click the Get Started Now button, the RedAwning integration page will load on Turno. ✅

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