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How Can I Request a Price Change After a Customer Has Accepted My Bid?
How Can I Request a Price Change After a Customer Has Accepted My Bid?

How to adjust your price or rate with a customer

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Need to make a price adjustment for a customer's specific property? We can help you with that! You can send price change requests to your customers directly from the Turno website and mobile app, and here's how.

Quick directions

How price changes work:

  1. If you discover that a property needs more work than originally estimated, you have the option to request a price adjustment for that specific property through the My Customers screen.

  2. First, select the property in question. Then, enter the revised amount you're requesting, and specify whether you prefer it to be charged per project or per hour. You can also include a message to your customer to provide additional context or details about the adjustment.

  3. Once you've submitted your request, you'll receive a notification once your customer has either accepted or rejected the new price.

(You must be logged in to your cleaner account for the button above to work)

🔍 An in-depth view of price change requests

After you've been added to a customer's team (that is, once they accept your bid), the price of your bid becomes your cleaner rate. You can request an update on this rate at any time. Here's how to do so:

When you're ready to request a price change, go to the My Customers page within your Cleaner account. You will see a card with information about each customer you are currently connected with, like this:

Click on Properties to expand the customer card and show details about the properties this customer has added you to.

To initiate the price change request, click on the button that says Request price change next to the information on the property you'd like to change the price for. You will see a pop-up window similar to the one shown below:

On this window, you can enter your new price and also add a note or message to your customer, if you'd like. You can use this field to explain why you need to update the price for this property.

After you're done, click on Send Request. Your customer will then be notified that you'd like to change your rate and will be able to approve it from their side 😉

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