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I Got a Bad Review from a Host, What Can I Do?
I Got a Bad Review from a Host, What Can I Do?

Learn our reviews policy, explore what to do if you disagree with a review, and find answers to common review-related questions here.

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We acknowledge that dealing with reviews can be tough when they contain unfair feedback, so kindly take a moment to acquaint yourself with our Reviews Policy. In case you disagree with a review, we encourage you to carefully follow the steps  outlined here. Remember, you can request review removal after the cool-down period has passed. We appreciate your understanding and patience throughout this process. 🌟

✨ The Turno review policy

Hosts can leave a review for their teammates at any moment as long as you have accepted at least one project from them, even if you never complete it. This is possible in case a cleaner books a cleaning and no-show on their first project.

However, not all customers may be honest about their experience with their teammates. If you receive a negative review that you disagree with, it can be removed 30 days after it was posted, as long as you don't receive any other negative reviews in the meantime.

This period of 30 days cannot be shortened, and the cool-down period between removing reviews is one year (365 days). ⚠️

✨How can I have a review removed?

If you are outside the specified time frames for review removal, as mentioned above, initiate a chat with our Customer Support team or reach out via email at and request the removal of the review. Our team will be happy to assist you.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding reviews:

"I never cleaned at the location linked to the review I received. Is there something wrong with the system?"

The regions appearing in the reviews are not necessarily where you cleaned. Instead, they reflect the areas associated with the first property the host, who left the review, added to our system. This is why sometimes the location may be unfamiliar to you.

"My customer left a review, but I have evidence that their claims are false. Can I dispute it?"

First of all, it's important to note that our review system maintains the anonymity of reviewers, making it not possible for us to confirm who left a review. Additionally, since Turno serves solely as a scheduling tool for hosts and cleaners, we refrain from making judgments or intervening in matters related to reviews from these business connections, so we are afraid that reviews can't be disputed. It's crucial to understand that once you accept a project from a host, they retain the ability to leave reviews. Reach out to us after the 30-day cool-down period if you wish to discuss the removal of a specific review.

"Why am I unable to remove the specific review I want, even though it's already past the required time frame?"

If you receive another negative review within 30 days of a prior one, only the latest review is eligible for removal. The previous negative review becomes ineligible for removal upon receiving a subsequent negative review within the same 30-day timeframe.

"I believe the customer I disconnected from left me a review. How is that possible?"

After connecting with a customer and accepting at least one project, they maintain the option to leave reviews for up to two weeks after the disconnection. Due to this, we strongly recommend taking the time to address any potential misunderstandings with customers before disconnecting so you can part ways amicably.

"Can I, as a cleaner, review my customers?"

On your My Customers page, you should find the option to review customers you accepted projects from. If you skipped this option or it doesn't appear for you, contact our Customer Support team. We will ask you a few questions to submit the review on your behalf.

Just keep in mind that reviews you submit for hosts work differently as hosts don't have a public profile like cleaners do. When you submit a review for a host, it's primarily for our team's evaluation, aiming to address issues and safeguard other cleaners from potential challenges or negative experiences. 📑

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