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How Can I Connect My Turno Account to Taskbird?
How Can I Connect My Turno Account to Taskbird?

To send your Turno projects to your crew on Taskbird, make sure to sync your accounts

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Connecting your Turno cleaner account to Taskbird is quick and allows you to share and assign your cleaning projects with a crew on Taskbird.

If you need help with this process, read on! 😉

✍🏼 Signing up

First, to connect your Turno account to Taskbird, download the Taskbird app on your mobile device.

After you download the app, open it, and on the first screen, you can:

  1. Log in with an email address

  2. Sign in with an Apple, Google, or Facebook account

  3. Sign up if you don't have an account yet

🗒️ Note: After registering, you can also log in with biometrics.

⚠️ Your Taskbird account doesn't need to share the same credentials (e-mail or password) with your Turno account, but you can use the same ones if you'd like. This will not affect your experience.

If it's the first time you sign up, you will be prompted to choose an option related to what you'll be using the platform for. If you will be managing a cleaning team, make sure to select "Set Up a New Team".

⚠️ Note: Only Taskbird team owners can connect their Turno account to Taskbird.

🔗 Integrating with Turno on Taskbird

After you've got a Taskbird account and are logged in, you can integrate your Turno account into Taskbird. 🔃

You'll see the main screen when you log in to the Taskbird app. Click on the three-dotted button at the bottom to go to the "More" screen and start the integration process with Turno.

Now that you're on the "More" screen, go to the Sync Calendars option:

Then, tap on the "Connect with Turno" option:

You'll see a page that explains how the connection with Turno works. When you're ready to proceed, tap on the "Connect with Turno" button located at the bottom of the screen.

To connect, provide the email address that you use when you log in to your Turno account.

After you fill out the email and password fields with your Turno credentials, click on the Connect button.

Keep in mind that your Turno email address could be different from the one used in your Taskbird account, so if you have more than one email address, make sure that you enter the one that you used to register on Turno.

After that, a 6-digit code will be sent to the email and phone number associated with your Turno account. Use this code to confirm the connection.

With this process complete, your Turno account and projects will be synced with your Taskbird account.

If you check the Integrations page in the Taskbird app again, you should now see the "Connected on [the date that you successfully integrated with Turno]" text right above the Turno logo. If you tap on it, you'll see more info about the integration:

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