How to Be Disconnected From a Host

How to leave a customer's team on Turno if you're not cleaning for them anymore

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For whatever reason, sometimes you may need to leave a customer's team, which on Turno is what we call a disconnection.

Cleaners are unable to remove themselves from a customer's team, but here are a couple of options to be disconnected from them.

1️⃣ Ask your customer to remove you from their team

The simplest way to be disconnected from a customer is by asking them to remove you from their team directly — hosts are able to do so from their end, and you should be disconnected right away once they remove you.

You can contact your customer through our in-app messenger:

(You must be logged in to your cleaner account for the button above to work)

2️⃣ Contact Turno's Customer Support

Our support team is also able to disconnect you from a customer upon your request. You can reach out to us through the live chat available on the website, or via email ( Let us know the name of the customer you'd like to be disconnected from, and we'll help you out!

Please keep in mind we can only disconnect you if you don't have any upcoming or uncompleted projects with the customer in question within a 48-hour time frame (in the past or in the future). If you fit this situation, we recommend you contact the customer and ask them to remove you from these projects or from their team altogether. You can also send them a request to be removed from the project - here's a guide that explains how you can do this:

After they remove you from all uncompleted projects within the next or last 48 hours, you can let us know and we'll disconnect you from them right away.

If the customer doesn’t remove you from the project, contact us after the projects' scheduled time has passed and you don’t have any uncompleted projects within 48 hours, and we'll be able to proceed with the disconnection. ✅

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