Integrating Turno with Jurny

How to import your properties from Jurny to Turno.

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Turno is now partnered with Jurny, a one-stop property management solution designed to elevate your short-term rental operations! Here, you'll discover how to integrate Jurny into your Turno account. 🏘️

🌟 What is Jurny?

Jurny is an AI-driven Property Management System (PMS) crafted to effortlessly streamline and automate operations for hosts, hotels, and property managers. By consolidating all functions in one place, Jurny ensures a seamless experience for both property managers and guests alike.

The platform allows hosts to empower their guests with full control over their stay through Jurny's cutting-edge guest mobile app, and also take your guest communication, review management, and content creation to the next level with the help of their AI, Nia.

Making use of IoT connectivity, Jurny also enables hosts to easily control smart devices within their units, including locks, thermostats, sensors and the like, and allows them to create automation for a centralized experience for guests.

🌟 How can I integrate Turno with Jurny?

To initiate the integration between Turno and Jurny, start by accessing Jurny's platform.

After logging in to your Jurny account, either establish a Turno account if you don't have one, or link your existing Turno account.

Begin by navigating to Settings > Setup.

Then, proceed to Setup > Property Care to open the Turno tab.

Click the Connect to Turno button at the center of the page to get started. It should look something like the image below:

You will be redirected to Turno's login page. Once there, you can choose to connect your current account or create a new one.

After logging in or signing up to Turno, you'll be automatically redirected back to Jurny, finalizing the connection between the platforms, and you can start scheduling your cleanings on Turno. 🎉

Your information may take a few minutes to sync. If your listings aren't showing after 30 min, Jurny advises you to contact their support at 📑

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