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What is a Welcome Call and How do I take it?
What is a Welcome Call and How do I take it?

Last but not least, the Welcome Call is the final but very important step for new cleaners to learn the ropes of how to work with Turno.

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A Welcome Call is the last planned step in a marketplace application, and it aims to teach new cleaners the main aspects of the platform needed to take on projects and to have them completed. Being able to properly deal with projects is the core mechanic of the business relationship between cleaners and customers on Turno, hence the importance of the Welcome Call.

📅 Scheduling your Welcome Call

To schedule your Welcome Call, access the "Account Setup" section of the platform. You should be able to find it as the very last step of the application process.

By clicking on it, you will be presented with a series of scheduling options that will allow you to have your welcome call.

Once you schedule one, you should receive an e-mail similar to the one below with the details of your call.

⚠️ Attention, cleaners outside the US! ⚠️

If you are located outside the US, a link will be provided so you can access the call via Google Meet.

📲 Joining your Welcome Call

The welcome call is not a regular phone call that you will be receiving on your phone. It is a group call, which you'll join by calling the number and providing the PIN to join (or by using the link provided if you are outside the US).

Reminders about the call with the information needed to join are usually sent roughly 30 to 15 minutes before the starting time of the call and it should be similar to the messages shown in the image below.

🤝 Tips to have a good welcome call

  • ✅ Have all other steps done:

This last stage of the application process is composed of multiple steps. Make sure to complete everything else so you can take what you learn on your Welcome Call and use it on Turno's Marketplace right away.

  • 🏫 Find a good place:

All information exchanged on the welcome is very valuable, and you might have to answer a question or maybe present your own questions regarding something that was explained. So we suggest all cleaners find a quiet place to have the call so everybody can have an easier time understanding everything.

  • 🕑 Be on time:

The call is usually held with 3 to 4 cleaners, and as such, it's paramount that everybody stays in the same boat to avoid missing relevant information provided on the call. In order to keep the pace of the call, you might not be able to join if you are late.

  • 📱 Have your app open and ready to go:

Part of the welcome call will have you interact with Turno's cleaner app to complete a test task. This task will be composed of multiple steps that copy the usual process of receiving an offer and posting a bid, all the way to starting and completing a cleaning project.

This task must be completed to conclude the welcome call and have it marked as done. So, it's a good idea to have your app ready to go to prevent not completing the test task and needing a new call scheduled.

There will also be a space to ask questions about anything unclear to you. Make use of this opportunity to learn everything the Welcome Call has to offer.

❓I just completed my Welcome Call, what's next?

If you followed every step up to this point, you should be able to start interacting with new potential customers on Turno's marketplace. If you need a refresher about what you saw on the call, check the video below:

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