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Boosting Your Business with Turno: Best Practices for Hosts
Boosting Your Business with Turno: Best Practices for Hosts

Tips on how to make the most of your host account.

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As a host, automating your business is essential. Having that in mind, Turno was tailored to assist with the cleaning aspect of your rentals, providing a range of features designed to align with your preferences and optimize everything related to your cleaning processes.

Learn how to optimize your Turno host experience with these valuable suggestions. ✨

💡 Ensure that notifications follow your preferences

Being up-to-date on the progress of the cleaning needs of your rentals is crucial as a host, and when it comes to using Turno to keep track of your cleanings, receiving notifications in the way that is most convenient for you is something that shouldn't be overlooked.

To adjust your notification preferences, here is what to do:

1️⃣ Access your account on the website version of Turno, then click on your picture or initials at the top right of the page and go to Settings > Notifications to move to your Notifications Settings.

2️⃣ Once there, you'll see four notification types: Notification Center (notifications within your account on the website and mobile app), E-mail (sent to the email address you use on Turno), Mobile (push notifications on your mobile device), and SMS (alerts sent to the phone number you use on Turno). To the right of each notification option, you will find boxes to check or uncheck to enable or disable each notification.

You'll notice that SMS isn't available for most options, but almost all alerts can be sent via notification center, email, and push notification. 📑

3️⃣ After configuring your preferences, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Update Notifications Settings button to save and apply your changes.

Lastly, don't forget that notifications can be updated anytime, so feel free to make updates when you need them.

Certain crucial notifications cannot be disabled. If you prefer not to receive any, consider blocking Turno's emails temporarily or setting them to be sent to a different folder than your main inbox through your email provider. 🚨

💡 Make use of project settings

Turno offers various project settings that some hosts may not be aware of. To access the Project Settings page, go to our website and click on your picture or initials at the top right of your screen to move to Settings > Projects and adjust the options according to your preference.

Below are the currently available settings:

  1. Direct/Auto Assign

    When enabled, this setting allows you to assign cleaners to projects directly without them needing to accept the project, either manually or automatically.

    You can read more on manually assigning cleaners in the article below.

    To learn about automatically assigning cleaners, see this guide:

  2. Show projects automatically to all backup cleaners

    This one allows you to set how long before the scheduled date you wish your projects to open up to your backup cleaners automatically if they stay unassigned. 

    By default, primary cleaners receive project alerts first, while backup cleaners are alerted only if there are no primary cleaners enabled on the property, if all primary cleaners reject a project, or if a project is manually opened up to backups. This setting allows your projects to open up to backups without any actions on the primary cleaners' part or yours.

  3. Accept requests to remove teammates from projects automatically

    When a cleaner is assigned to a project, they have the option to ask to be removed from it on their end. By default, this option just triggers a notification for you that the cleaner is asking to be removed. With the option to automatically accept these requests, instead of having to manually remove cleaners from your cleaning projects every time they ask, you can allow them to remove themselves up to a certain number of days before the time the project is scheduled.

    This option can save you time getting a different cleaner to accept the project in question, so it may come in handy to avoid having to look for a cleaner at the last minute.

  4. When a booking is canceled after the check-in time, keep the associated cleaning project

    Whenever a guest cancels a project, Turno's system removes the booking and the associated cleaning from your cleaning schedule, unless this particular setting is enabled.

    So, if you would prefer to keep the associated cleaning project if the guest cancels after the check-in, enable this particular option. Without it, you might have to create a manual project to replace the one that got deleted.

    If you ever need a manual project, check out this tutorial.

  5. Quality Control

    This provides the option to perform a quality control check on your projects, marking whether the cleaning passed or failed. This way, you and any co-hosts on your team can easily view the quality status of each project.

    Please note, however, that marking a project as failed does not withhold automatic payment. If your cleaner's auto payments are on, the payment for the project will go through when they mark it as complete. 

  6. Mandatory Checklist Completion

    For hosts concerned about ensuring the completion of cleaning projects, you can set checklist completion as mandatory. When this is enabled, cleaners can't mark projects as complete without checking off all items on your checklist.

    Here's an article from our help center where you can learn more about checklists:

Keep in mind you can update your preferences for all these settings at any time! ✅

💡 Require photo documentation on your mandatory checklist to ensure cleaning completion

Inside the checklist feature, if making the checklist mandatory isn't enough for your peace of mind, our suggestion is that you consider enabling the option to Require photo documentation for specific items.

When this option is used, cleaners must add a picture to the items that require it to check them off and mark the cleaning as completed. This may allow you to feel a bit more confident that cleanings were completed up to your expectations in case you can't visit the property to inspect.

💡 Run reports on your cleaning projects

Another vital thing for hosts is to always keep track of all details related to their cleaning projects. By this, we mean not only the basic information, such as which cleaner completed it, but also when they started/ended the project, total time spent, and total amount spent ($), among other information. You can always check all the details by looking at the projects themselves, but depending on the number of projects you have, a report gathering all of them in a list can be way more convenient.

With this in mind, Turno also offers you a Reports feature, which can be found by accessing your account via our website, clicking on the hamburger icon at the top left of your screen, and selecting Projects > Reports from the available menu.

You'll see a page where you can customize your report according to your preferences and will be able to adjust not only the range of time for the report to cover, but also for which property, property group, teammate, or even project type you want to run a report for. Once you are done choosing your criteria, click on the button that says Create Report.

It may take a few minutes for the report to be ready. You will be notified when it is available. Upon completion of the report compilation by the system, you'll find it below the report creation section with a download icon.

Click the respective icon to download the report to your device. You should be able to open reports on a spreadsheet viewer.

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