While waiting for your Marketplace application to be approved by the team, it's possible that they might request that you submit additional references. ✍️

This happens because we require references to be as detailed as possible about your past employer's experience with you. This includes information such as your skills, your experience as a cleaner, and how long they have worked with you.

Please keep in mind that references submitted by family members are also not allowed, and will result in the team requesting additional references. References that do not attest to your experience as a vacation rental cleaner will also result in the team requesting additional references.

Once you have submitted your references, you will have to wait until at least one of them replies, so that your application will be sent to the team for review. You can check your references' statuses on the link below:

After your references have responded, it may take the team about one to two weeks until your application is approved, but if there are no issues with your application then the process is a lot shorter. 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

❓ I thought I only needed one reference to be approved, why do I need to send another one?

It's not about the number of references but rather what they attest to. If the applications team decides that your references do not attest to your STR cleaning experience, they might ask you to provide more. 💡

It's up to you if you will provide more references as they asked or not, but if you don't do as they are asking and receive more references that attest to your vacation rental experience, your application may end up deferred and have to wait on our waiting list as they may give preference to accept other cleaners with more proven vacation rental experience.

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