If your cleaner can't see your cleaning projects, please check and try the following:

1. Check that you are connected to your cleaner

You can check if you are connected with your cleaner by going to My Team > Cleaners page, or clicking this button:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

If you don't see your cleaner, invite them to connect, which you can do by clicking the "Invite Cleaner" button on this page:

Note: If your cleaner has already created an account, invite them using their email address to automatically connect. If you need additional help, click here to see a guide on how to invite your cleaner.


2. Add them to your properties

If you are connected to the cleaner but they still can't see your projects, make sure they are enabled on your property. You can do this here: 

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

In this page you can view the cleaners that are enabled on the property under the property's address or guest checkout code, labeled as Primary cleaners and Backup cleaners.

You can also click on the dotted green circle, then on "update property" next to the desired property (or simply click on its name) and then go to the Cleaners tab to make sure the cleaner you are looking for is enabled.

If they're not, click on the "Add cleaners" button to add them to this property:

You need to do this for every property you'd like them to receive cleaning projects for.
If you'd like to know more about enabling/disabling cleaners and the differences between primary and backup cleaners, click here to check out the guide.


3. Publish your projects

If your cleaner is enabled but still can't see the projects from your calendar, make sure your projects are published. You can check that on the List page under Projects, or simply click the following button:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

In the pending projects list, click on the project to see its card, and if it shows unpublished under the project's date and time, click on the green dotted button to open the project menu and then click on "publish project to cleaners", which will publish the project to your enabled cleaners. Your primary cleaners will be notified, and become able to accept the projects - backup cleaners will see them only in case the primaries reject the projects, or if you click the option right under it, which is to "Open to backup cleaners".

If you'd like to know more about publishing and unpublishing projects, click here to check out a guide on this feature.

Note: If you have a large number of unpublished projects, you can check in your Properties page and look for a link that says "Publish them all" on the card of the property with unpublished projects:

Just click it and all of the unpublished projects that are hidden to your cleaner(s) will be published and become visible to them. 

Alternatively, to make sure you don't need to do this every time, check in your property settings whether new projects are publishing to your cleaners automatically. This is in the options section of the "calendars" tab:

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