TurnoverBnB offers a feature we call the Marketplace, which allows cleaners and hosts to meet and work together.

In order to be eligible to connect with new customers via the Marketplace, you need to apply to it first. If everything is in order and you are approved, you can start bidding on offers that come your way. You can read more about the Marketplace applications below:

Once you are part of the Marketplace, in order to find jobs, you have to wait until a host opens a search for new cleaners in your area.

When a search is opened within your area range, you will be notified through the web, email, or push notifications (if you use the TurnoverBnB mobile app for cleaners) about the offers available for you under the "Marketplace" screen in the mobile app, or under the "New Marketplace Offers" page in the website, which can be accessed here:

(You must be logged in to your cleaner account for the button above to work)

When you see open offers, you can place bids to let customers know the services you offer and how much you charge. If you'd like to know more details about bidding, you can check out this article:

When there are no open offers, it means there are no hosts looking for cleaners in the marketplace within your area.

You can also expand your area range or change your profile's location in your settings if you need:

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