Some frequently asked questions about payments are answered here. Please keep in mind this article may be constantly updated. If your question is not answered here or if your issue involves something more specific from a particular scenario, don't hesitate to contact us through the live chat (accessible through the chat button at the bottom right of the website) or info email at

1 - What are the fees to send payments to cleaners?

We charge a small fee to pay cleaners through our system to cover transaction processing costs that we incur. To send payments to your existing cleaners (cleaners you met outside TurnoverBnB), there is a 3.9% fee per transaction in the U.S. and Canada (min. $1.50).  Other countries have different fees, which will be displayed in your account.

To send payments to cleaners you met on the TurnoverBnB marketplace, there is a 5% fee per transaction.

Paying your existing cleaner through TurnoverBnB is optional, but paying a cleaner you met on the TurnoverBnB marketplace, is required. 

2 - Are cleaners manually or automatically paid?
Cleaners you meet through TurnoverBnB have to be paid automatically. Cleaners who you already work with and invite to link to your account can be paid either manually or automatically - it's your choice.
Also, even though marketplace cleaners are always paid automatically for projects they complete, there is still an option to pay them manually. In case you need to pay them anything extra or send them money for errands, you can send them manual payments through this page. 

3 - How can I change my cleaner's price?
Your cleaners' rates are set by property, so to change it you need to access your property's settings. To do this, go to your Properties page, click on the name of the property where your cleaner is enabled, go to the Cleaners tab and you can change their price. If you need additional help, see the following article: How to update a cleaner's rate.

4 - My cleaner says they're not getting paid, but I sent them a manual payment/automatic payments are on, what can I do?
The payments take 2-5 business days to arrive directly in the cleaner's bank account. On occasion, the first payment may take a day or two longer as our payments processor, Stripe, verifies their bank account. Please let your cleaner know that they can take a look at their Payouts page, or log in to their Stripe account ( to see exactly when they'll get paid.
If everything seems to be fine but they're still not getting paid, take a look at your Payment History page - it's possible there is something wrong with your credit card, in which case your payments' status will show as "Error (Declined)" and you can reach out to us (see contact info at the beginning of this article) in case you need help figuring out the issue.

Note: Another thing to keep in mind is autopayments will only work going forward - future project payments completed after you enable automatic payments for your cleaner will process automatically, but past completed projects from before you enabled the setting will not. The projects your cleaner completed before automatic payments are enabled should still be paid manually.

5 - My cleaner says I may have not set their price. What should I do?
This is important when automatic payments are switched on. You can go to your Properties page, click on the name of the properties where your cleaner is enabled, go to the Cleaners tab within each of them and set their price per turnover or per hour. Once you do this, the platform will start processing payments automatically after your cleaner hits "Complete" on a project or registers their hours.

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