You can manually assign cleaners to your projects without having to wait on them to accept it. Please keep in mind this is only suggested if you have direct control over your cleaner's schedules or if you talked to them beforehand to make sure they will be available.

Note: Using this feature does not prevent your cleaners from being able to accept projects themselves. If you're looking for a way to keep cleaners from seeing/accepting your projects before you assign them to it, make sure to unpublish your projects. Here is another guide about how to keep your projects hidden: Publishing and unpublishing projects.

Enabling Direct Assign

First, you need to enable Direct Assign on your Settings under the Projects tab:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Click on the "disabled" switch to enable it and it will light up, meaning it is now enabled:

Once this is enabled, go to your Schedule page and find the project which you want to assign your cleaner to and click it. A card will open with some of your project's details. Click on the "Assign cleaner" button (please keep in mind that you can't assign a cleaner to an expired project and the button will not show for these projects).

A pop up will open where you can start typing the cleaner's name or just choose them from the list:

Once you click "assign" to confirm, the cleaner will be assigned to the project, as if they had accepted it. They will then be notified that they have a new assignment.

Note: Cleaners can also choose to disable manual assignments from their end, which means you will not be able to assign them manually if they'd prefer not to be assigned. A cleaner that has disabled this option on their side will show grayed-out on your list, like this:


Q. Why doesn't my cleaner's name show on the drop down menu of the project's Direct Assign section?
If you tried assigning your cleaner to a project but couldn't see their name when you clicked to choose a cleaner, make sure they are enabled on your property. You can do this here: 

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Once on this page you can see if your cleaner's name is showing under the property. If it's not, click on the three dotted green circle, then on "update property", next to the desired property and then go to the Cleaners tab to enable them.

If you need help enabling your cleaners to a property, check out the following guide: Adding and removing cleaners from properties.
Once they are enabled on your property and allowing you to assign projects to them, their name should come up in the "Assign to" list.

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