Payments per hour is a TurnoverBnB feature that allows you to charge your customers based on the time you spent cleaning their properties, instead of charging a flat price for each turnover. You can get paid a more fair price for those times the job takes longer than expected.

To start charging hourly, ask your customers to change your payment type on their properties. Keep in mind that changing your payment type will affect all current and future cleanings.

To charge new marketplace customers hourly from the start, just select "Hourly" as the charge type when making a bid, as seen below:

Additional questions about making a bid? Check out the guide by clicking on the button below:

How It Works

When you begin cleaning a unit, once you click “Ready to start the project?" in the mobile app, we will capture the time you started the project, and when you click on "Complete Project", we will capture the time you finished.

Here is a screenshot of the project's screen before you start it:

And here is a screenshot of the project's screen after you start it, showing the "complete project" button:

At these two points we would also like to collect your current location, which will be shared only with your customer. The start and end locations will be included in a more detailed project report we send your customers for cleanings that are paid hourly. We do not collect your location at any other time.

Of course, we'll only include that information if you allow us to. On Android, the location permission will be asked upon installing or updating our app. On iOS, if you never granted or declined us the location permission, it will be asked when you try to start an hourly cleaning.

After you finish the project and hit "Complete Project" on the mobile app, you'll be taken to the Project Report Screen:

In this screen you'll see:

  1. The property's name and address;

  2. The time you started the project;

  3. The time you finished the project;

If any of the time-related information is incorrect due to unforeseen circumstances, you can tap on it to edit the information:

If you change any of the times, you must state why you changed it. The reason will be included in the report sent to the customer.

Once your mark the project as completed, your customer will receive the report and, if automatic payments are enabled, payment will be processed normally.

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