Currently, we support Airbnb, VRBO/HomeAway, TripAdvisor,, Guesty for Hosts, and any iCal (Google, Apple) calendars.

Most property management systems, such as Tokeet or eviivo, work as well, as long as they use the calendar in an iCal format.

Note: TurnoverBnB reads everything on your calendar and creates cleaning projects off of them - keep in mind that if there are other appointments in your calendar that are not bookings they will have cleanings attached to them as well.


Syncing your calendar with your property

Exporting the Calendars (iCal) from supported platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

Syncing your calendar with your property

To sync your calendar with a new property, click the “New Property” button on the Properties page on the website version of the platform and follow the steps while you enter a new property. 

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

To add a calendar to a previously registered property, go to your Properties page in the website version of the platform and click on the property name, or on the three-dotted green button located on the right side of each property and then select the "Update Property" option:

This will take you to what we call your Property Settings - here you can control your property's information, such as edit/update it or enter new details that weren't available when you were creating the property, and change settings related to the cleaners that are enabled on it as well as its check-in/check-out options, etc.

Now, you can select the "Calendars" tab to see your property's calendar information:

On this page, you can add more calendars to this property by syncing your calendar from your reservation platform, see the calendars that you have already added to this property, or remove them by clicking on the "trash can" icon next to an added calendar URL.

Note: An iCal (.ics) is a universal file format for calendars, and it's supported by a large number of companies, products, and systems, and if you want to sync your bookings from your reservation platform to TurnoverBnB, the URL/file needs to be using this format.

Other types/formats of calendars aren't supported.

To add a new calendar, make sure to select the correct reservation platform for the calendar you are adding by clicking on the option according to what platform you use, as displayed in the GIF below.

Then, paste the calendar URL that you got from the reservation platform, and click on the "Add New Calendar" button to confirm the sync.

Exporting the Calendars (iCal) from supported platforms

If you don't know where to find your calendar (iCal) from your reservation platform, select the reservation platform, then click on the "Need help finding your calendar link?" option right below the "Calendar Link" field, where you enter the calendar URL, to see a tutorial on how to get your property's calendar on the selected platform.

When you click on the "Help finding your calendar link?" option, a window will pop up showing you a step-by-step guide with visual aid on what you need to do and where to find the correct options to get your iCal.
Below you can see an example when you select "HomeAway/VRBO" and then click on the help option.

You can also look for instructions on how to export calendars directly in the help center of your reservation platform or channel manager.
Here are some links to tutorials on how to do this from our supported platforms:


Note: you can only export calendars from Airbnb on your desktop/laptop browser or mobile browser, this option isn't available on their iOS/Android apps.

We have a dedicated article from our Help Center on how to sync your Airbnb calendar with in-depth information.
If you want to check it out, you can click on this button below:

Click on the image to open the article from the reservation platform's Help Center.


Click on the image to open the article from the reservation platform's Help Center.


Click on the image to open the article from the reservation platform's Help Center.

Click on the image to open the article from the reservation platform's Help Center.

Guesty for Hosts

Click on the image to open the article from the reservation platform's Help Center.

Google Calendar

Click on the image to open the article from the platform's Help Center.

Here are some links from a few channel managers that can help you get the iCal from them:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have my unit/property listed on more than one reservation platform, so what if I want to sync more than one calendar to my property?

If you use more than one reservation platform to list your property, you can add each calendar from the respective platform to the property on TurnoverBnB, so you can add them all to the same property. Simply follow the steps normally to add a new calendar.

I've created my property on TurnoverBnB, but I want to update some information on a specific project that got created automatically through a booking, can I do that?

The settings you choose for your property, such as check-in/check-out times, the cleaner's rate, and if the projects are automatically published (made visible to cleaners), are just the default settings.

You can edit these default settings for individual turnover projects, as needed.

My calendar isn't syncing and it keeps giving me an error, what should I do?

First, you have to make sure that the calendar URL that you got from your reservation platform is an iCal format calendar. If it's not, our platform won't be able to read it as it's unsupported.

If the URL is an iCal, you can send us a message via our support chat.

I use a Property Management Software/Channel Manager, do I need to sync my bookings via iCal?

Don't worry, you won't need to get an iCal URL in this situation, because you can directly connect/integrate them with your TurnoverBnB account.
To do this, select the "PMS/Channel Manager" option on the "Calendar" tab (when you're editing a property) to check which of them are available on our platform, and if you find the one that you use, when you click on it, you'll see an option to connect your PMS/Channel Manager to TurnoverBnB.

Or you can also go to the Settings > Integrations page to check the list of PMS/Channel Managers that are available to connect/integrate with your account.

My reservation platform doesn't have an iCal, how can I sync my bookings with TurnoverBnB?

We recommend that you get in touch with your reservation platform first and ask them if they can provide you with an iCal URL of all your listings, but if they don't have this option available to you, you can use a Google Calendar, add your bookings there as events, and sync the calendar with your property.

This way our system will read these events/bookings and create projects for them automatically.

You can also create projects manually if you don't want to use Google Calendar.


If you are missing a booking in your schedule, even after you added your rental calendar's link, please see the following articles: 

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