Auto-pay is a great feature that allows you to automatically pay your cleaner when they complete your projects. 💵

After a cleaner has completed a project, you have 5 days to cancel the payment, if needed, as long as there haven't been any other completed projects after it. The payments are processed by Stripe and none of your credit card or bank account information is stored on our system. 💡

Auto-pay is an optional feature for your existing cleaners but is required for Marketplace cleaners (cleaners you connect with by accepting their bid). To enable it for your existing cleaners, go to Pay My Cleaners > Auto Payments, or follow this button:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

If you've already added a payment method and your cleaner has already set up their Stripe account, you can simply click to enable them to turn on payments.

If they haven't set up their Stripe account, you can click on the "Invite to setup account" button to send them a notification that lets them know you wish to turn on auto payments and we will prompt them to set up their payments account. 😉

Once you enable automatic payments for your cleaners, their payments will be authorized as soon as they mark a project as completed (as opposed to prior to the project, as it happens with Marketplace cleaners), and within a few hours, they should start being processed by your bank or card issuer.

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