Once you are connected with a cleaner, you can add and remove them from your properties. When a cleaner is added on a property, it means they will be notified about new projects published on that property's schedule.

NOTE: When you accept a cleaner's bid, they are added on the property you had opened the search for cleaners for. You can still enable and disable them on any of your properties as you need.

In order to change the status of the cleaners in your property, go to your 'Properties' page, click on the green dotted circle icon on the property card of the one you wish to edit the status of your cleaners for, then on "update property", or simply click its name:

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

Then go to the 'cleaners' tab: 

There you can add cleaners, remove cleaners, or change their status for that property between primary or backup.


1. Adding a cleaner to a property 

If you'd like a cleaner to receive notifications about the property, you need to add them first by clicking on "Add cleaners", located at the upper right of this section of the page. 

Then, select the cleaner or cleaners you'd like to add and click 'continue'. Then, select whether or not they are a backup, their rate, and click 'add cleaners'.
There is a video tutorial below that you can follow:

2. Primary and Backup cleaners

A 'primary cleaner' will be notified about your projects for that property first as well as be the first to have a chance to either accept or reject them depending on their availability. When adding cleaners, you can make the cleaner a Primary by leaving the 'backup cleaner' checkbox unchecked.
A 'backup cleaner' will only see the projects if all of the primary cleaners in that property reject them.

To change between the two status after a cleaner has been added to the property, simply click on the slider button in the respective cleaner's card:

Keep in mind that among primary or backup cleaners within the same status, it's a matter of who will accept the project first. So if all cleaners are primaries or if all cleaners are backups, all cleaners will be able to accept and reject projects at the same time, so accepting projects will work on a "first come, first serve" basis.

3. Removing a cleaner from a property

You can also remove/disable someone from that property if you don't wish them to receive any projects from that property at all.
Simply click on the bin icon on the cleaner's card and they will not receive available projects from that property anymore:

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