Hosts have a feature called Direct Assign on their side that allows them to manually assign you, the cleaner, to projects. When they enable Direct Assign on their side, it is enabled on your side by default too and you are notified that you have a new assignment from them when they add you to a project. 

This feature does not prevent you from being able to accept projects yourself but, if you'd prefer not to be directly assigned to projects, you can switch it off on your side on your Current Customers page (this action can only be performed in the website version of the platform).

(You must be logged in to your cleaner account in the website for the button above to work)

In this page, you can see a card for each customer you are currently connected with. Here is where you can see information about your connection with them. You can see this option on their card that allows you to enable and disable direct assignments on your side. If you disable it, that customer will not be able to assign projects to you themselves.

A green switch button indicates the customer is allowed to directly assign projects to you. Click the switch button to disable it, and it will look like this:

Note: If the customer's card shows "No property found", it means they have disabled you from their property entirely and you aren't updated about any new projects on any of their properties.

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