When your cleaners complete projects, you can see a project report containing information about that cleaning, such as your cleaner's time (for hourly projects) and any pictures of their work they may have uploaded. You can then check a project's report from the website version of the platform (which you can access by logging in to turnoverbnb.com). Project reports are not yet available in the mobile app at the moment.

In your schedule page, click on a project and its card will come up. Click on the "details" button at the bottom of the card to see it's board view details:

The project's details will open on the right side of the screen, which will contain the project's report, including cleaning images the cleaner uploaded, checklist items they completed, problems and notes. If the project is paid hourly, the time the cleaner took to finish the project will also show here.

(You must be logged in to your host account for the button above to work)

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